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You are the only one who can access you wallet. You can recover your wallet based on info that only you possess.

Developers can build extensions to Walit so that it will keep getting better and stronger over time.

Digital Wallet

Meet Team Wälit

Backup your physical wallet and never lose a card again. Sign-up for services instantly and stop accepting plastic cards.

12+ years combined Blockchain Experience

Finance, Identity & Security Experts

Not afraid to tackle the biggest challenges

Open APIs

Store digital currencies, loyalty tokens, digital assets, smart contracts, and more thanks to OPEN APIs that will let people integrate existing services into Walit seamlessly.

Digital Identity

Store, access, share, and prove your digital identity directly through Walit. Keep your personal information private and secure.


Digital Assets



What happens if I pass away?

Walit is extremely secure and to prove it  we will be working with world leading security experts to verify the security and find vulnerabilities. 

How Secure is Walit?


Yes you can. You will be able to pair your Walit securely across platforms.

Does have access to my data?

What happens if I lose my phone?

Rest assured, unlike some of the big data companies out there, will never store or be able to access any of your information without your EXPLICIT consent. We believe in the concept of Self-Sovereign Identity and that you should own & control your data. 

This is a big issue. When someone passes away much of their digital data can be lost. We are thinking of this and plan to use a "Dead Man's Switch" where after a certain period of inactivity your data will be sent to a contact of your choosing. You will select which components of your Walit to share because not all data is meant to live on.

You will be able to recover your Walit on a new device through a simple, yet completely secure, recovery process.

Can I access my Walit on multiple devices?

Screenshots from Alpha App

Digitize, Store, and Backup your Physical Cards

Digital Identity Integration & Web of Trust Notarization via

Login In & Salt Generation using ID, Profile Pic, and Email

Features Integrated and In-Progress

Digital currency private keys generated based on salt

Seamless Sign-ups for 3rd Party Services

Hash your entire Walit log to the blockchain

ID/Card Scanning with Data Recognition

Open API Framework for Developers to build extensions

View all token balances

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."  

Margaret Mead, Anthropologist

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